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Jane Benson, Dead Swan Wallpaper, 2009
cut Laura Ashley Wallpaper

Sadly, the show is closed now, but check out the artist's website for more images. Best use of messed-up plinths I've seen in a gallery!


James and I were at Chase Manhattan Plaza yesterday to see the last performance of this LMCC work. Visit my blip.tv page to see three other videos, including an amazing section with Judith Sanchez Ruiz.

Never miss anything with Jonah Bokaer!


Joe Ovelman, Untitled, as Michael Jackson, 2002

From his 2002 series Self Portraits

Thanks to the NY Times I learned of Here is Where whose mission is

to find and spotlight little known and unmarked historic sites throughout the United States.

I really love this story from the article:

The Marriott Wardman Park Hotel in Washington, Mr. Carroll's hometown, has agreed to install a marker that commemorates a moment on Nov. 27, 1925, when the poet Vachel Lindsay was timidly approached at dinner by a busboy who placed three poems he had written next to Lindsay’s plate. Lindsay was so impressed that he shared them with his audience at a poetry reading that night, prompting journalists to report on the "busboy poet." His name was Langston Hughes.

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