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1. Listen to David Behrman. [If you're using a feed reader to see this, you may not see the music widget below.]

2. Go see Half of the People Are Stoned and the Other Half Are Waiting for the Next Election in Brooklyn, July 1 at 8pm. The title of the evening comes from the text of Leonard Bernstein's Mass.


Marcus Kenney, I Aint Tryin to Be a Hater, 2007
mixed media on canvas
36 × 36 inches



Postmasters has an excellent show up through July 12 titled AMERIKA: Back to the Future. My favorite discovery of the show was the work of Marcus Kenney -- collages that include found paper such as that from old ledgers, adding machine tape, and canceled checks.

The soundtrack for the show is provided by this Rammstein video, playing in the gallery's entry.

The artist's website doesn't have any content, but I know that Marcia Wood Gallery in Atlanta had a solo exhibition of his work for their booth at the Pulse NYC fair in March.

The other artists in the show are David Herbert, Anthony Goicolea, and Jennifer and Kevin McCoy.




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