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The art season is about to start up, and I know people want their shows listed on ArtCal, but sending info to ArtCal, James, me, and Paddy asking to be listed is counterproductive. Very counterproductive. Extra demerits if I receive the email at more than one of my personal addresses. Please just sent it to ArtCal to the proper address with the information we request.


artwork by Tom Sanford

If you find yourself in Seattle in early September, don't miss William Powhida's opening at Platform, our favorite gallery in that city. I hear there will be music, record swapping, and more. To get prepared, check out Bad At Sports's interview with him on their podcast. He starts about 8 or 9 minutes in. You can hear his side of the story on Zach Feuer getting his NYC gallery (Schroeder Romero) kicked out of the NADA Art Fair because of an artwork by William in which he put a hex on Zach.

Kiki and Bubu discuss the problems of the unfettered market and the possibility of planned economies. Go here if you don't see the video above.

Created by monochrom.

tod seelie - nolahouseandlines

Nola House and Lines, 2008, Digital C Print, 15 × 15 inches, edition of 8

tod seelie - bicycleriotcops.jpg

Bicycle Riot Cops, 2007, Digital C Print, 12.25 × 8.25 inches, edition of 10


Dead Man (Mississippi Series), 2006, Digital C Print, 12" × 12 inches, edition of 8

Tomorrow (Saturday the 9th) is the last day to see Tod Seelie's show, titled Slowdancing to Slayer, at Cinders Gallery in Williamsburg -- their first photo show. They've had something come up and are not open today, so head on over tomorrow for some great photography at bargain prices. The prints are approximately $200-600, framed. There is something for everyone, from portraits of people along the Mississippi to shots of punk shows in abandoned warehouses.

In addition to really loving this show, I have another connection. Everyone asks about the balsa wood squirrel sculpture in our living room, hanging on an old column. It's by Kim Schifino and James and I bought it a year ago at The Porch Show at Cinders. Tod is currently touring with the band she formed with Matt Johnson, Matt and Kim, and CSS. Check out his blog for photos. You can buy Matt and Kim CDs at Cinders. That's where I got mine.

All images above are from the Cinders Gallery website.

Anonymous Postcard is a new project of Tucker Nichols and Dakin Hart. Their description:

Anonymous Postcard is designed to allow anyone to openly communicate to a third party without the complications of personal contact. After being vetted by our staff of experts, a claim found to reflect the civic spirit of the project will be transformed into a vague and largely indecipherable postcard and mailed toward the intended recipient.

This is my favorite one so far:


To: Liz Pate of Greenwich, Ct
Claim: She was recently quoted in a New York Times article in which she opposed a Wiffleball field some local teenagers had built in a vacant lot. I thought the teenagers should be commended for doing something positive and I love Wiffleball. I happen to have an excellent slider with a Wiffleball which most hitters find untouchable.

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