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louise fishman angry bertha

Louise Fishman, Angry Bertha, 1973, acrylic on paper, 26.5 × 40.25 inches

Next weekend, the Chelsea Symphony (we think they're awesome) is honoring artist Louise Fishman for her 70th birthday. The program includes a new work by Aaron Dai based on a text by poet and former presidential candidate Eileen Myles inspired by Louise's "Angry Paintings".

[photo by James Wagner]


You've read about Andy's work on both of our blogs, so now is your chance to see the paintings in person.

English Kills Art Gallery (Bushwick)
January 10 - February 15, 2009
Opening: Saturday, January 10, 6 - 9PM

Pocket Utopia, not far from there, also has an opening.

[image from gallery web site]


Judith Bernstein
11 × 14 inches, 2008
charcoal on paper, 11 × 14 inches

This was my favorite image from the sexy show How To Cook A Wolf: Part One at Dinter Fine Art. I'm embarassed to say I didn't really know Judith Bernstein's work before, but now I will watch for her! Check out her entry in the Brooklyn Museum's Feminist Art Base.

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