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James pointed out an ad for 650 Sixth Ave in this' weekend's New York Times real estate magazine. The website for this new apartment building has a slide show which combines images of the apartments with works of artists represented by Jack Shainman Gallery.

The weekly ArtCal just went out to 1000 subscribers!

Many art bloggers such as myself would like to be compensated a bit for our time, or at least our hosting costs. In our case, our two blogs use up a lot of bandwidth, especially James's.

I'm researching the possibility of setting up an art and culture ad network, so someone could come to one place and buy ads on various art and culture blogs, plus ArtCal if they so choose. It also would give those of us who want ads, but don't want hyper-ugly animated ones, a chance I hope.

If you're interested in such a thing, either as a publisher/blogger, or as a potential advertiser, drop me an email. Feel free to comment here as well if you have any ideas.

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