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What a silly country we live in. Via Newsday (it's in Florida of course):

The Holy Land Experience may seem like just another theme park, with its $30 admission charge, $5 parking fee and souvenir shops.

But, ending a four-year legal battle, a judge has ruled that the religious-themed attraction deserves the same tax-exempt status given to churches and museums. The ruling spares its owner from paying a delinquent property-tax bill that would have climbed to more than $1 million by the end of the year.


From the start, The Holy Land Experience was controversial. Local rabbis greeted it with trepidation, given its parent company's stated mission of converting Jews to Christianity.


In her ruling, Circuit Judge Cynthia MacKinnon sided with Zion's Hope, pointing out that the nonprofit company produces and distributes biblical cassettes, videos, books and CDs; publishes a religious magazine; broadcasts a syndicated radio show and supports missionaries in Israel.

"The property appraiser has failed to direct the court's attention to any evidence that Plaintiff is using The Holy Land Experience to make money or for some other purpose than evangelizing and worshipping," MacKinnon wrote.

If you use Google to find the home page, turn down your computer's speakers before clicking on the link.

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