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Supposedly we're at war to "protect our culture". I'm fascinated by a country that gives us a Food and Beverage Category in the Staples catalog. When I worked at a dot-com, we knew things were headed downhill when the free food and drinks stopped. My favorite excuse from the evil CFO was that "people might just eat junk here rather than go out and buy lunch." The idea that people working 12-18 hour days might save time by eating bad junkfood inside seemed horrible to him. Maybe he just cared about my health.

I thought about posting the picture of Britney and Jacko at the MTV awards as another example of American culture, but that's too easy.

I know some people think it's pretentious to care about the shape of one's wine glass, but New Scientist has an article telling us that the shape of a glass really does affect a wine's chemistry.

Flak Magazine has announced the end of the Why They Hate Us Blog.

Sometimes it's a mess, and it's not the place to be when you have to get something done immediately, but I love Italy anyway. The latest reason -- found on zoomata:

Italian men on the beach trying to pick up women are relying on the heavyweights of literature instead of bodybuilding.

According to a magazine survey of over 1,000 Italian men, some 68% of those aged 18- 55 take a book to the beach in hopes of catching the eye of a bathing beauty.

Most have a very clear idea about what sort of literature seduces -- eighty percent of these tome-carrying Romeos rely on the Divine Comedy and the Bible.

Other pickup favorites were Giacomo Leopardi's poems and Alessandro Manzoni's epic love story "The Betrothed." Although some 27% admitted favoring books instead of the usual crossword puzzle or gossip magazine because it's important to appear 'cultured,' around 20% said the books were also a source of inspiration -- for pickup lines.

In honor of Philo, Chris, and the Summer of Rock, I present:

The Rise of the Creative Class by Richard Florida:

Why cities without gays and rock bands are losing the economic development race.

I didn't know he had a web site! He is one of the only playwrights, along with Stoppard and Albee, that can get me to actually pay Broadway prices for a ticket.

I meant to post this weeks ago, after seeing it at Schroeder Romero:

glass cephalopods

Cephalopods of cast glass by Julia Kunin. She buys frozen octopi in Chinatown and casts them in glass. If you're really into cephalopods, check out my friend Tony's web site.

Salon has an essay on Dirk Bogarde that should not be missed. What passes for acting these days in the movie industry is appalling.

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