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James and I went to a couple of openings last night at Apex and KS Art before seeing Adam Bock's play Thugs at Soho Rep. Before I distract you too much, tickets to the play are only $15, and I recommend seeing it if you're interested at all in theater, or if you ever worked as a temp in NYC. Our friend Anne Kauffman directed it. It's described on the website:

Mysterious things are happening on the 9th floor of a big law firm. What could a new temp have to fear? A new play about work, thunder, and people you don't know.

It's quite like a music chamber piece in form.

On the way home around 9, the Eighth Avenue trains were running express. They said it was due to some kind of "passenger emergency." We decided to take the A to 34th and walk back down to our apartment. As we passed through the 14th Street station, we saw plenty of cops, some yellow tape, and a body bag on the platform plus some amount of blood. When things like that happen, one always expects to come home and see all kinds of headlines, but it's strange that it actually takes a while for what seem like pretty shocking events to show up in the media, whether online or on NY1.

Today, the New York Daily News has the story.

A man trying to board a crowded C train between cars was crushed to death last night when the train started moving and he became wedged against the platform, police said.

Wonder what that headline's about? Check out Art Fag City and Jen Bekman on the idea of a "Creativity Now" conference that has a 95% male lineup of speakers.

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