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I thought people justified gas-guzzling SUVs because of their safety (ignoring any penis-size insecurity issues). Do you think most cars would flip over after being hit by a smaller vehicle?

The Subaru:


hit the BMW, which flipped over:


Quoting the Newsday article:

Two women walking along Queens Boulevard were crushed yesterday when a sport utility vehicle struck by another car careened, flipped and slammed into them, police said.


Witnesses said the 1:20 p.m. accident began when a 63-year-old man in a Subaru Forester stopped, then drove through a red light on 78th Avenue at Queens Boulevard in Forest Hills, police said.

The Subaru smashed into a BMW SUV driven westbound on the boulevard's service road by a 37-year-old man, police said, causing the BMW to veer out of control and overturn.

For the word nerds out there, and I'm thinking of one in particular:

The Economist Style Guide

Somewhat apropos for this post, I just learned I'm the #1 hit when someone searches Google for Arkansas is a horrible state.

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