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From one of my favorite comic strips, Non Sequitur: Behold! My Anti-Criticism Shield

Check out Witold Riedel's blog for some nice drawings mixed with writing.

I worked out so well in Afghanistan, right? US May Use Mujahideen Rebels in Tensions with Iran

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Faces For Peace is an "online peace rally" web site that allows people around the world to post photos and anti-war statements.

I know where the octopus went. It went to the motel.

Fox is such a classy outfit -- I'm shocked that one of their employees would be charged with looting in Iraq.

I recently added several sites to the "cultural" category of my other blogs page.

David Neiwert's blog Orcinus is the place to go for some interesting writing on fascism, and whether we're headed that way with help from right-wing media such as Rush Limbaugh.

Weekly World News, a news source only slightly more reliable than Fox News, tells us that Saddam Hussein starred in gay porn films.

Is it time to lock up smokers for the safety of the citizens of NY? Bouncer Fatally Stabbed Trying to Enforce Smoking Ban

London, from space

Number of states that cut their arts budgets last year: 42

Santa Cruz police are searching for vandals with an anti-war message who defaced an estimated 65 sport utility vehicles and trucks in a late-night spray-painting blitz.

I received an email from someone at WNYC who pointed me to their gallery of listener-submitted artwork inspired by the war on Iraq.

A comparison of the relative sizes of Baghdad and New York
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British Air and Air France announce the retirement of the Concorde.

German souvenir packets of condoms with the image of a historic cathedral have been criticised by a Roman Catholic clergyman.

The prophylactics featuring St Mary's Cathedral in Erfurt were the idea of local tourism officials.

Supervert presents an illustrated guide to sex lingo -- no, of course it's not work safe
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"Nothing is more important in the face of war than cutting taxes," House Majority Leader Tom DeLay said last week.

Digital Journalist has some good photo galleries from photojournalists covering the war on Iraq. [via kottke]

Greg Allen over at is doing some great writing lately, ranging from the use of "incursion" vs. "invasion", to Norway's use of nonviolent tactics to resist the Nazi occupation, to Gran Fury.

Bush used to joke about hitting the trifecta. The French say we made a triple mistake with the war in Iraq.

An interesting list of war profiteers and their offices in NYC

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