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Ten days ago I complained about Smack Mellon not updating their site to give info on the Outpost show. They just launched a new web site which includes information on the show.

Go read a more balanced version of the story of a Borders banning a singer for making fun of Bush's "chicken legs": a clever sheep: The Borders mess


Glenn has a post about Ruslan Sharipov, an openly gay journalist and critic of the regime in Uzbekistan. He is now on trial for homesexuality.

My friend Anees has an article up about the recent report that Israel's Defence Force has killed just over 400 Palestinian children in the last 3 years.

Pacific Views: Bill Maher on Davis Recall: "Arnold can explain the administration's social policies in the original German."

London's Pride parade was led off Saturday by the Metropolitan Police's Commander Brian Paddick, the highest ranking gay officer in a major force. Behind him were 85 other LGBT officers.

The Art Newspaper has an amusing interview with Dearraindrop from the night of their opening at John Connelly Presents., better known as a place to follow the latest WTC developments, profiles Jen Miller, aka the Reverend Jen, in its latest "Citizen Spotlight".

Crain's reports that the number of restaurant industry jobs has risen since the smoking ban went into effect.

Go check out Dexter Buell's new web site. We have several video and photographic works of his.

James is your source for news on the queer angle in the City Hall shooting. Here's the first post.

Thomas Locke Hobbs has launched his new web site -- a photo blog.

Check out his ingenious solution for dealing with 1200-page books.

Jessie of has up some cool photos from his recent NYC trip.

Non Sequitur on single-party rule

James has posted a report from our friend Steve about his activities with the International Solidarity Movement and Jews Against the Occupation in Palestine.

Check out's netifesto. Is that what we wanted the internet to be?

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