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  • L. Dennis Kozlowski, the imprisoned former Tyco International Ltd. chief executive officer, will pay $21.2 million in return for escaping prosecution on New York tax charges. Much of that stems from his avoidance of sales taxes on art by having empty crates shipped elsewhere while the works were delivered to his Manhattan apartment.
  • A video screening in Kabul, Afghanistan on May 2nd looks like it was pretty interesting.
  • I have written about Julian Montague's "Stray Shopping Cart" project in the past. He has just published a book on the project.
  • The national anthem was sung in Spanish at the first G.W. Bush inauguration, and was a regular feature of his first presidential campaign, according to Think Progress.
  • Speaking of Ashes on beauty and politics in art: one two - the second image makes me think of Joe Ovelman's latest work
  • New York Magazine on shoplifting in Chelsea Galleries

Here is an image of the stolen Brian Jungen piece:

Brian Jungen stolen sculpture Casey Kaplan

Brian Jungen
Untitled, 2006
unique sculpture made from used baseballs, softballs
10 × 4-3/4 × 7-1/2”

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