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Pulsewave is a monthly event at downtown space The Tank, showcasing "low-bit, video game influenced musicians and video artists" and "people getting down to the sounds of some rockstar jamming away on nintendos, gameboys, and ataris."

The performers will be:

  • Anamanaguchi - Releasing their debut album Power Supply through 8bitpeoples. Powerpop meets NES, Weezer meets Triforce, Ratatat meets Dr. Wily.
  • The Depreciation Guild - The Guild steps out of hibernation to rock you into a trance with their astral chiptune melodies. However, at the same time they'll wake you up with some pumping and crushing drum-heavy anthems.
  • Nullsleep - The King of 8bit (and quite possibly the universe) is at it again. Watch as he wields the GameBoy as if the d-pad was used to make the entire crowd dance simultaneously.
  • Voltage Controlled makes the show with his jarring and colorful broken NES visuals.

Saturday, August 26 @ 10pm sharp - $6
The Tank, 279 Church Street, between Franklin and White

If you schedule yourself well, you can start that evening in the East Village for the Smitten show at Giant Robot and then head downtown for The Tank.

[photo of Anamanaguchi performance from The Tank's website]

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