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Yessiree, I've added myself to the nyc bloggers list. Others in the 'hood:

brooklyn bridge path

pretty trash


There I was, calmly reading my New York Magazine, when I came across the story of him throwing a party at the McDonald's on 34th and Tenth Ave -- with hors d'oeuvre off the Dollar Menu.

We spent the afternoon walking around Williamsburg, going to a few galleries. The Stuart Hawkins show at Priska Juschka is grrreeat! The Thomas Lail show at Goliath is cool too. Schroeder Romero had an amusing neon piece in the back by Bill Rowe (who teaches at ASU, near my home town!), called "Who's your daddy?".

There appears to be a new Italian (Sardinian to be precise) wine bar called DOC at 7th and Wythe, open every day from 6-midnight or later. I expect to try it out soon.

Late in the afternoon we sat outside at Yabby, had coffee, and watched the pigeons.

pigeons in williamsburg

Overheard while walking around the Lower East Side looking at galleries:

At least you're unemployed here. I was unemployed in Hoboken!
The show at Rivington Arms (102 Rivington between Ludlow and Essex, 646-654-3213) is definitely worth seeing. Ask them to play the 45s in the back by William Pym. The show that opens tomorrow at Maccarone (45 Canal, 212-431-4977) from 6-9 with Daniel Roth seems worth a visit too.

The sign reads: Part Time Work, $8/hour. Must be articulate in describing things well. Good computer skills necessary.

Spotted on a rainy night in Soho:

tiny pedicab

Poor poodle. Where's the owner?


Has anyone else noticed these on lamp posts around Chelsea?




This amuses me. As one of the people involved with the new paper The New York Sun used to write Smarter Times (which critiqued the NY Times), there are already two similar sites for the Sun: Smarter New York Sun, courtesy of Flak Magazine, and Like Father, Like Sun.

The two critical sites are more interesting than the Sun. One of my favorite features of Smarter New York Sun is "Wire Watch" -- in which they track the number of stories coming from the wire services. It appears that $20 million doesn't buy much of a news-gathering operation these days.

We spent a few hours in Williamsburg yesterday, lookin' at art as one of my college friends always said.

There are 2 cool shows at Pierogi 2000 - a French artist named Christophe Cuzin (conceptual alert - check out the info on him and the drawings in the office), and Lisa Kereszi -- a GREAT photography exhibit. She goes on the "to buy" list once I recover from the list of recent benefits.

Eyewash is presenting "Window Shopping" -- 30 Brooklyn artists displaying work in shop windows along Bedford. We picked up a map at Pierogi, or you can get the list at Eyewash's web site.

Finally, there's a big smart show at Momenta, curated by Deborah Kass. It's one of the best group shows I've seen in a while, ranging from 70s conceptual and feminist work to Hiroshi Sunairi and Eric Doeringer. Go!

Lovely -- the site of last weeks's explosion 3 blocks from here has been declared a toxic waste site.

The new issue of Free Willamsburg is now out, including Gay Williamsburg, Part Two. Luxx has a $4 coat check?!

Tonight (May 1) is the A.R.T. benefit. We'll be there will bells on, along with some friends. Go! Buy Art! It's for a good cause!

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