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Last Sunday we went walking around LIC - to see the Socrates Sculpture Park and catch a bit of the Float parade.

The Marching Band playing "Like a Virgin"

Austin Thomas and her gold El Camino

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Artist on Wheels -- an organization that encourages disabled people to explore their artistic abilities

Krypton Neon Shop

Clubhouse by Jesse Bercowetz, Matt Bua, Sabine Heinlein, and local kids

The last thing I'm posting is a sad one that makes me angry. When something happens like the seawall crumbling in a Manhattan park across the river, it gets fixed. We don't put up chain link fences to cut off people from the water for years, hoping it will eventually be restored before the whole park falls into the river. The predominantly non-white people who visit the Queensbridge Park don't get such treatment. The parks along the water were full of families having cookouts and enjoying themselves, but most of the park was cut off from the water. A study, not an actual repair plan, has been announced regarding what's going to happen. The park was built in the 1930s, when our country was better able to find money to fund public amenities than it is now.

fence-queensbridge1.JPG fence-queensbridge2.JPG

It's not bad enough that we have an Olive Garden and a friggin' Outback Steakhouse in the neighborhood. Now I learn that Home Depot is opening a store on West 23rd between Fifth and Sixth Avenues. Hello, truck gridlock!

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