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At Black and White Gallery:


Andrew Piedilato
Untitled, 2006
oil on canvas
83 × 78 inches

A new step in this artist's evolution. I love his paintings, and first wrote about him in 2003.



Ina Geissler
Lost, 2003
Egg tempera on canvas
80 × 70 inches

She is a new discovery for me. She lives in Berlin.


At Cynthia Broan Gallery:


Rachel Rampleman
Poison (My Sister Fucked Bret),
30 minutes

Sad and disturbing -- the story of a woman's obsession with Bret Michaels of Poison, filmed in her apartment in southern Ohio.

[All images provided by the galleries]

Darlene Charneco at Morgan Lehman

The show is up through January 27, 2007. Art Fag City likes her work too.

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