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BARCELONA, Spain (Reuters) - Angry protesters invaded the stage and drowned out U.S. Health Secretary Tommy Thompson at the world AIDS conference Tuesday in protest at what they see as Washington's inadequate response to the pandemic.

The U.S. is proposing to donate only $200 million to a new international global fund to fight the disease.

Arkansas's Supreme Court has overturned the state's sodomy law. Note that this was not some holdover from the 19th century. It was passed in 1977 as part of the horrors of the Anita Bryant era.

I was in attendance at the Choire / Bazima gathering on Saturday night at Dick's Bar, so go look at some ... of the ... photos. I finally got to meet Sam, one of the drivers of traffic to my site and a very sweet (and tall!) boy. He was part of the Texas contingent that included the delicious and charming Glenn (aka Dan's roommate - another new acquaintance), who makes me remember the things I do like about that part of the country, and the adorable Dan'l. I like a boy who can mention the Radical Faeries and a book on The Origins of the Avant Garde in France on his info page.

I can't remember Scott wearing a tiara, but he's wearing it in all of the pictures. Andy and I didn't get much of a chance to talk in the chaos.

I also met Chris -- a fellow Arkansan! She and I shall have to meet and discuss this further.

What was with the smoke in that place? Even the smokers were complaining about it!

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