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Congressman Ed Schrock (R-VA) in front of a statue of Saddam Hussein at the Baghdad International Airport. Since this photo was taken, the statue has been removed.

I'm doing my happy dance! Ed Schrock (R-Va) is the second-most conservative member of the House, according to The National Journal. He has a 92% approval rating from the Christian Coalition. He opposes gays in the military, he opposes any protection from being fired for being gay, and he is a co-sponser of the Federal Marriage Amendment.

He is also a closted gay man, and after tapes were released of his personal on a gay sex line, he resigned from the House. Rock on!

BlogActive is the blog that brought this hypocrite down, and it says more are to follow. There's even an MP3 for you to listen to his recording.

After a day of watching my neighborhood under occupation (and below 23rd Street isn't on any map of "security zones"), this really cheered me up.

I just walked up Eighth Avenue. From 7th Avenue to 9th Avenue, from 14th Street to 23rd Street, is all no-parking, no-stopping and no-deliveries. There was no warning other than some fliers the police put up on Sunday night. The stores in our neighborhood are really screwed, with their delivery people having to park blocks away and use handtrucks to bring deliveries in 85+ degree heat.

There are 6-10 cops every block. Many of them are bored and talking on their cell phones, not even pretending to watch for anything. Our tax dollars at work.

[The image is from some kind of pro-war GOP House web site.]

Some day I'm going to get slapped by a midriff-baring Chelsea muscle queen when that pops out of my mouth as I walk down Eighth Avenue.

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