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I saw the video first on FREEwilliamsburg where Bill Mahaer talks about closted GOPers and outs the party chair, Ken Mehlman. I don't think that was much of a secret in DC or among reasonably aware political bloggers. CNN has now arranged for it to be removed from YouTube.

Now John Avrosis of AMERICAblog is covering the story, including the fact that CNN edited that part out of the show before it was rebroadcast on the west coast.

Now he has received a cease-and-desist letter from CNN. John is a lawyer, so this should be interesting.

Note that they also edited the written transcript, including the discussion of why gay people would want to work against their own interests.

It is called "Larry King Live" after all. Is CNN in the news business, or something a bit more insidious?

I also find it interesting that people such as Maher are bringing this up now, rather than before the election. It's funny that more people in media feel they can challenge the Republicans now that they are weakened.

Update: Huffington Post has the two videos. This is a pretty good argument against using YouTube, isn't it?

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