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I need help finding a designer for ArtCat. I'm planning to bring everything under one roof -- web hosting, calendar (ArtCal), and possibly an artist-driven zine. I need help with branding, information architecture and design.

You can tell from what exists now, including bloggy, that I'm a minimalist. I don't expect it to be free. I'm willing to pay for something I really like, but I've had trouble finding someone whose aesthetic matches mine, and has awesome CSS skills.

I would prefer someone in NYC, but if I found someone good that could do this all via phone and internet, that's a possibility.

mark creegan watershed.jpeg

Mark Creegan
Watershed, 2004
used watercolor pans, tape on wall

ArtCat has a new artist client, and this time it's one from Florida. My first non-NYC area artist!

I upgraded to the latest version of Movable Type and re-designed. Did you notice? Send e-mail or add a comment if you see anything broken. The search results page is ugly, I know.

My ArtCat service has a new gallery client:


Remember, I host artist pages too if you know anyone looking for an easy to manage web site. Dennis Christie says, "It's so easy!"

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