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The blog's been quiet due to multiple art-related projects. Not only did ArtCal relaunch with a new look this week (and a new programming framework for the geeks in the house), Winkleman Gallery is now using ArtCat for its website. This is my favorite part of Ed's post announcing it:

I can attest to how much easier making changes to the website has become with this new tool. One of the complaints I often heard with the old website was that there were not enough images. Well that's because adding images was a huge pain in the ass given the way that site was designed, but with ArtCat, adding images is a breeze, so you can expect to see plenty more moving forward. In fact, I've added some behind the scenes shots of Thomas Lendvai creating his truly astounding new installation (he's been working very hard on it all summer), which opens, you guessed it, next Thursday.



We're still working on a few features and tweaking the design, but the new ArtCal, with design by Michael Mandiberg, went live today. Check it out.

In March I mentioned that I was looking into this, and I wanted to let people know that we now have a website:

Culture Pundits

and the ability to buy or sell ads on ArtCal plus 9 blogs so far. For ArtCal, it's only for the banner ad at the top, or a 125×125 button under the left nav. The ad network software isn't really set up to manage something like the gallery ads on the right at the moment.

I'm sure some of my readers are interested in buying an ad, or signing up as a blogger/publisher. There is a signup link if you wish to serve ads on your site. You also will have the advantage of seeing some of your posts show up on the home page of the newly redesigned ArtCal which launches this month.

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