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A group of people from the art / technology / web nexus have put together the Art Wikimarathon to get Wikipedia more useful for art research. Here is my suggestion: Someone needs to write an entry for Nayland Blake.

There's a lack of art/artist info on Wikipedia, and we're often too busy to find the time to contribute. So, we're setting aside one day where a crew of people collectively drop serious knowledge into wikipedia about art. From your favorite notable artwork, artist or exhibition, to our soon-to-be-famous peers. We'll also add structural links to alumni schools and categories like collective art groups, non profit orgs, etc.

The day is Saturday January 26th: an afternoon on the internet quietly enriching the public domain. We imagine groups of 2-4 people around tables across the country, bottomless coffee cups fueling the discussions, fact checking, and troubleshooting. Ideally lots of "oh, that person worked with X, I'll make a page for them, link me up." There will also be a lot of online chatting across coasts. Video chats if bandwidth permits.

Roughly 12-8pm EST (9am-5pm PST) Saturday January 26th

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