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Geschwister Scholl Memorial

Memorial at Geschwister Scholl Platz


We saw Sophie Scholl at Film Forum yesterday. It's a very powerful film about using one's conscience when everyone else is trying to just "get by" in a totalitarian state. I highly recommend seeing it. It runs through the end of the month.

The image above was taken in Munich, at the site of their distribution of anti-Nazi leaflets at the Ludwig University. We visited it in September 2002.

I know everyone is distracted by the Whitney Biennial and the art fairs, but it has now been three years since the disastrous attack on Iraq. James and I will be attending this event tomorrow. I've been to other concerts by Ensemple Pi. They are amazing.


An event of contemporary concert music, poetry readings, and visual images, with showcases of several independent publishers including Seven Stories Press, The New Press, Akashic Books, Verso Books, and Autonomedia. Participant artists include composers Frederic Rzewski, Elias Tanenbaum, composer/performers Kristin Norderval and Philip Wharton in collaboration with Ensemble π, led by pianist Idith Meshulam. Poetry readings by Charles Bernstein, Carolee Schneemann and Peter Lamborn Wilson. Visual images selected from the archives of the art critic David Levi Strauss.

The event is made possible by the support of the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council, the Edward T. Cone Foundation, and Cooper Union.

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