Art madness

We went to the White Columns benefit auction on Saturday night. We saw of number of Art World people there, notably Kathy Magnan and, most fabulous of all, Choire.

After a number of glasses of wine, I got into the spirit of the thing, and managed to purchase several items...

  • Janine Gordon - a photograph of an attractive young latino man, titled "Tight Butt"

  • Shawn Green - a postcard plus a book/cd-rom on motorcyclists

  • Aimee Mower - a small painting made from cake decorating gels

  • John F. Simon, Jr. - a work on paper from a computer plotter of a computer chip

  • Frank Webster - a beautiful acrylic on canvas painting

I loved the Nancy Hwang piece, but it went for WAY MORE than I could afford - unlike the Damian Loeb piece that didn't make its reserve ha ha ha.

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Published on April 21, 2002 2:54 PM.

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