Israel is a disaster

It's not making itself any safer, or us, and it has almost completely lost any moral authority it once had. Two stories from today's Ha'aretz:

Police use water cannons to disperse Israeli peace protest

Municipal worker killed by Israeli troops for working during curfew

Ahmed al Kouraini, 54, worked for Nablus' electric department and was on his way to work at the emergency fire services building during a curfew when he was stopped by an IDF tank, the witnesses said.

"There was nothing happening there. They told him to stop, he stopped, they shot in the air and then a soldier shot him in the head, one bullet," said Yousef al Jadi, head of the Nablus Fire Department.

Al Kouraini died before reaching Itihad hospital, medical officials said.

Military officials said soldiers asked Kouraini to stop his vehicle. The soldiers then carried out "the proper steps for detaining a suspect," including shooting in the air, the officials added.

"The soldiers opened fire and as a result of the gunfire the truck driver was killed. The army has opened an investigation into the incident and if it is discovered that the force did not act properly, disciplinary action will be taken against the soldiers. The army expresses sorrow over the incident," the officials said.

Nablus, along with several Palestinian cities, is under a round-the-clock curfew imposed by Israel to try to end Palestinian terror attacks. Since IDF troops moved into Nablus more than six weeks ago, municipality workers have been allowed to move around despite the curfew.

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Published on August 10, 2002 12:39 PM.

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