This is terrorism too

When it's tank shells (or F-16s) rather than suicide bombs that kill civilians, Americans seem to think it's not terrorism. Israel shelled people in a bedouin encampment last night, killing a family of four, and wounding others, claiming there was movement in an area near a settlement where Palestinians were forbidden. When I heard about it on NPR this morning, they said it was within an olive grove. I know from my friends in JAtO that now is the time for harvesting olives for oil.
[ CNN - Photo - NY Times - Ha'aretz ]

It's one of the top stories on the newswires right now, but the NY Times chose to put it on page 9 with a standard-sized headline.

The settlements are being built in areas where these families have lived for generations. To kill them for being in the olive groves that they've tended for hundreds of years (or more) is terrorism.

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Published on August 29, 2002 11:28 AM.

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