At least 450,000 protest war in Florence

It's not on the front page of any newspapers here, but there was a huge demonstration in Florence yesterday protesting war with Iraq.

Good pictures: 1  2

hmmm. that number sounds WAY high. I mean, it's not a very big city to begin with - and the links you provide have a High of 300K , which also seems high

The protests were held at the edge of the city, because they were so large. The BBC article says 300K, but the Washinton Post (not very anti-war) says 400K:

and other stories I've seen, including the Guardian:,3604,837593,00.html

and the NY Times:

say the official estimate (which is rarely too high) was 450,000.

Don't get bamboozled by the propaganda, Brian!

wait, which source is the propaganda?????????

By propaganda I mean the disinformation being put out by our government and most of the media: That there is only a tiny group opposed to the war, and that most of them are old hippy leftists.

The Central Park rally, which had at least 20,000 people -- probably more like 50,000+ -- had numbers reported in the press ranging from "a few hundred" to 20,000.

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Published on November 10, 2002 2:44 PM.

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