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My comments have been turned off until I stop getting "sick fuck" and "people telling homosexuals that God doesn't approve are good people" posts on my Nov. 20 post.

I'll fix the archives so that you can see them when I get time, but I'm too busy with actual paying work at the moment.

Thanks, Otto, for the one amusing comment in the set.

I guess I should just be a good homo who only writes about stupid TV shows, Madonna, and sex.


This person is writing quite well on the subject at the moment. Check out this and that.

That's how I realized that The National Review is linking to James and that's how these wackos found our two sites. Creepy. We're being attacked in a magazine founded by someone who advocated mandatory tattoos for HIV+ people in a 1986 NY Times editorial.

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Published on November 26, 2002 12:11 PM.

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