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His latest column.

All these years later, I didn't realize there was an election this week until the Sunday before. On election day, I was in neighborhoods where they should have been calling out Carl McCall's name. There was no sound. Then I realized that this silence was right, that there was no election. McCall was the candidate, but he did not ruin the politics here. It was shameless Bill Clinton who used the Democratic Party and left it with a hyphen. Not because of his trailer camp sex, nor his lying under oath to a grand jury. Rather, he merged the Democratic Party with the Republican Party. The Democratic-Republican Party. He left the Democrats with no issues, no purpose, no aim, no desire for anything except keeping the job. Do whatever the Republicans do. They want a tax cut that can break us? Good. Vote for it. They want a war? Of course. Let's kill.

I have a lot of respect for Jimmy Breslin, and I appreciate your comments. What I am writing about is somewhat unrelated, but typical of Mr. Breslin's keen eye for New York and its' characters. I am referring to a series of articles that Breslin wrote either for the Post or the Daily News - (I think the Post) on a New York character, "Un'Occhio". Do you know where I would be able to find these writings?

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Published on November 9, 2002 4:11 PM.

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