Is this good for the gays?

Probably not, but maybe it will strike fear in the hearts of a few fundamentalists:

A gay Chicago-area man stands accused of killing a woman who allegedly tried to persuade him to change his sexual orientation.

Friends and relatives of Stachowicz said the idea of her trying to convince Gutierrez to renounce his homosexuality was not out of character.

"Those of us who knew her immediately hear her soft voice saying something like, 'God wouldn't approve of the way you're living your life,'" Mary Coleman, a friend and neighbor, told the Tribune.

Where do I send a check for his defense fund?

Are you out of your mind? Someone is murdered, and you are happy it might strike fear in the hearts of a few fundamentalists. What is the difference in this and Matthew Shepard's death? I suspect that his death struck fear in the heart's of few gays. Wrong is wrong, and I am ashamed for you. This is sick.

Hyperbole and sarcasm carry badly across the 'net. This is a blog, not a newspaper.

I don't condone murder, but I feel sympathy for people who are verbally assaulted by homophobes relying on their religion. We live in a country where the President and his party, plus quite a few Democrats, think gay people should go to jail.

I grew up in a place where people believed that blacks were inferior, and the Bible taught us so, and that anyone who killed a homosexual deserved very little punishment. As long as we live in a country where people can get away with murder by saying a gay man hit on them, I feel nothing but loathing for religious people like Stachowicz.

"Verbally assaulted by homophobes relying on their religion"?? Come on, Mr. Barry. Mothers have said ten times as worse when their kids are "shacking up", but we don't call that "verbal assault" by hate- and fear-filled maternal figures, do we?

What Mrs. Satchowicz did was as about as far from assault as possible. Imagine for a moment, if you will, that the person who lives next to you is doing something that you are convinced is bad for them and those they love. Aren't you obligated to say something? In this case, the victim (that's the dead woman, not the teen) didn't condemn anyone, she didn't tell anyone they were going to burn in hell... she just said God wouldn't approve.

Is this the kid of society we want? Where people can't express their concern for another?

Finally, you make a couple of statements which are completely off the wall:

"We live in a country where the President and his party, plus quite a few Democrats, think gay people should go to jail."


"We live in a country where people can get away with murder by saying a gay man hit on them."

Come on. Perhaps you meant this as another instance of hyperbole and sarcasm, because you know as well as I do that both statements are completely, totally, 100% false.

This sort of language isn't going to do anything to bring people together to calmly discuss their differences... it's only going to enflame them further.

'Mr. Barry'
I don't know if killing a 51 yr-old heterosexual predator is right or wrong and I don't care, but I think I just guessed how Season 19 of Will & Grace will end.


I'm going to leave the same comment here that I left in another blog that linked to this one:
Let me see if I get this:
Woman: [with great insensitivity] Stop being gay.
Killer: [kicks her, punches her, stabs her, suffocates her, stuffs her in a crawlspace]
Blogger: "Where do I send a check for his defense fund?"

The Judgement:
Woman: too nosey; could have left well enough alone.
Killer: sick fuck for being a sadistic torturer and murderer ; should fry.
Blogger: sick fuck for defending Killer and wanting a sadistic torturer and murderer to beat the rap.
What the hell is wrong with you?

I'm tempted to tell you where you can put your check, but I was raised to speak like a lady.

A woman tells someone she disapproves of his lifestyle, so it's okay for him to kill her? This sounds more like the Taliban than liberated America.

Look. I understand that it's difficult for you living with the disapproval of so many people. I understand that you have probably encountered bigotry. I understand that you (like all right-thinking people) have been shocked and appalled by the murder of gays. I realize that you have had to deal with the fear of suffering such a fate, and that you might have sometimes wished that hetrosexuals could know what it was like.

That still is no excuse for such an abominable attitude. Mon cher, he *murdered* her. He punched, stabbed, and strangled her. He jammed her body in the crawlspace.

You would justify this just HOW?

Stachowicz did nothing more than talkto the guy about her beliefs. Maybe she was nosy, maybe she was impolite. Maybe she was even a bit prejudiced. That does not mean she was about the bite a hole in his jugular vein, and that does not justify him killing her.

At least, not any more than Matthew Shepard's gayness justified *his* murder.

Happy Thanksgiving. I will pray for you.


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