You sleep with us. You vote against us.

I want to use that phrase for a sign the next time I'm at a queer demonstration, courtesy of French Prostitutes.

Well if the French are too lazy to learn another trade outside of the oldest profession known to man (and woman), I say To Hell with Them. Fuckin’ frogs, what good they ever do us?


Charming. Is this the sort of mindless xenophobia that passes for discourse out there in "fly over" country?

A few questions:

To which country did Oscar Wilde go after his release from Reading Gaol, a country with no history of sodomy laws?

Which permanent member of the UN Security Council has devoted the most effort to preventing a new US/Iraq war?

Which country gave us Champagne, Voltaire, Catherine Deneuve and Jean Genet?

I don’t like champagne.

Sarcasm travels so poorly across the Internet.

OK, I take back my "fly over" comment then. I get really antsy with phrases like "frogs". It feels like calling someone a "spic" to me.

Sorry, I was channeling the spirit of my dead grandfather. Remind me to tell that story sometime.

Truly, I love the French.

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Published on November 12, 2002 1:18 PM.

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