French Toast

It's probably American -- possibly named after an Albany chef named Joseph French.

But what fun would it be to actually know something before you go out and make an ass out of yourself by renaming it Freedom Toast? Dumbasses.

The Oxford English Dictionary has a citation for French toast under the entry for "French," some 64 years before Mr. French of Albany supposedly coined the term in 1724. It appears to be the same food, even if the recipe varies a bit (mainly by the absence of eggs). Today's French call it "pain perdu," for the record.

From the OED, Second Edition:

"1660 R. MAY Accomplisht Cook VI. 162 French Toasts. Cut French Bread, and toast it in pretty thick toasts on a clean gridiron, and serve them steeped in claret, sack, or any wine, with sugar and juyce of orange."

Such folk etymologies are common, but worth verifying.

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Published on March 13, 2003 2:12 PM.

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