Only American companies will rebuild Iraq

Go read Matt Stoller on the Administration's 'audacious' plan to rebuild Iraq using private American construction companies rather than multilateral organizations with experience in nation-building in the Balkans and Afghanistan.

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I have a comment on an older post from an Iraqi woman who speaks English and is hoping to find... Read More

i'm Iraqi woman i'm seeking to get a job at one of American companies as i'm good at using computer and as translator (Arabic and English). i graduted from institute odf administration, office management department,also i have taken a certificate from U.N.D.P (united nations development programme intermediate level, and i was studing in advance level while it was attacked by the terrorist, that means i stopped studing there.also i'm working now with one of the american units as an interpreter.
thanks in advance to hear me and read my request.
Sundus Ibrahim

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Published on March 19, 2003 10:38 AM.

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