Some things in the world give me hope


A would-be immigrant is hugged to be protected from the cold by a Spanish soldier on the Punta Paloma beach in Tarifa, Spain Thursday May 8, 2003. Some 50 immigrants survived the crossing arriving in a small boat from Morocco Thursday. (AP Photo/R. Perales)


A Spanish soldier cares for an illegal immigrant with symptoms of hypothermia, found near the southern town of Tarifa, May 8, 2003. Tarifa is the nearest point to Africa from Europe and a popular entry point for thousands of illegal immigrants. (REUTERS/Anton Meres)

When I first saw the first picture in the NYTimes I wept. It reveals the beauty of the human spirit. I am so grateful to the photographer. Who is the photographer?

Sorry, I don't know any more information on this other than the bylines which I included in the post.

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Published on May 13, 2003 5:54 PM.

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