Stop the FCC

Go check out Move On for actions to take to stop the FCC's destruction of media consolidation regulations:

On June 2, the Federal Communications Commission intends to lift restrictions on media ownership that could allow your local newspaper, cable provider, radio stations, and TV channels all to be owned by one company. The result could be the disappearance of the checks and balances provided by a competitive media marketplace -- and huge cutbacks in local news and reporting. Good, balanced information is the basis for our democracy. That's why we're asking that:
"Congress and the FCC should stop media deregulation and work to make the media diverse, competitive, balanced, and fair."

I have added a link to Move On over there on the right side. It's a good group to watch for information on all sorts of evil-doing from the folks in Washington.

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Published on May 14, 2003 11:47 AM.

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