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I'm still busy coding, so here are some art recommendations:

tom-sanford-defosition.jpg Tom Sanford
The Defosition, 2002
Oil and acrylic on panel
60" × 80"

Tom Sanford at 31 Grand in Williamsburg. He has a weblog called dedicated to his transformation to Tupac, but it seems a bit messed up at the moment. We started following him after picking up a work on paper by him at a benefit for Groundswell.

paul-mullins-sugar.jpg Paul Mullins
Sugar (Hood Up)
acrylic on panel
48" × 48"

Paul Mullins at lyonswier - think Lucien Freud meets Nascar. Really brilliant painting technique.

chris-ballantyne-split-double.jpg Chris Ballantyne
Untitled (Split Double), 2003
acrylic and ink on paper
12 × 16"

Chris Ballantyne at DCKT Contemporary - beautiful suburban/landscapish show recommended to me by Andrew LaVallee.

Joe Ovelman's wall piece (search my site for other discussions of his work) at Apartment 5BE Gallery. Also, I have a gallery of one of his outside wall installations.

The inaugural exhibition at a new new media-oriented gallery called Bryce Wolkowitz is definitely worth a visit. Here is a work by John F. Simon made from an Apple Titanium PowerBook:

john-f-simon-lifescreen.jpg aLife
Software, Apple G4 Titanium Powerbook, Acrylic Plastic
21 × 17 × 3.5 inches

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Published on October 23, 2003 11:30 AM.

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