Damn Damn Damn


My new PowerBook arrived Monday, so I get to pay full price for the new Panther version of OS X.

I am tempted to split the $199 "Family Pack" (5 licenses) with one of my fellow recent PowerBook purchasers...

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Remember my bitching about having to pay the full price for the Panther upgrade? My serial number has mysteriously started... Read More

apparently, if you register through the apple website, you can still get it for $28


It looks like some work and some don't. It doesn't recognize my Serial Number, so I'm out of luck. I love things like "some people outside of the rules get them."

Apple did the same thing when OS 8 was released. I bought OS 7.6 not two days before the release of 8 – and let me take a moment to acknowledge the helpful customer service of a store that had to know about the upgrade but hesitated to inform me – and I had to consider a $99 upgrade fee. Of course, Apple was willing to charge me considerably less with a proof-of-purchase and original receipt, which was oh so damn white of ’em. The irony in all of this was 8 damn near broke my machine. Go go Apple.

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