"Moving Party" benefit at Champion Fine Art

Want to pick up a great piece of art for $100, while attending a party at one of the coolest Williamsburg galleries? If you can't swing $100, pay $25 for just the party. Food and drink are supplied by Brooklyn Breweries and our favorite Williamsburg Restaurant, Relish.

On Sunday, Champion Fine Art is having a party to help pay for their relocation to Los Angeles. The web site has more details.

Even by the standards of Williamsburg, Champion is one of the least commercial and most artist-driven spaces out there. It's not a permanent gallery, but a two year exhibition series of artist-curated group shows. The twenty exhibitions, titled numerically in descending order, have been in New York so far, and are about to move to Los Angeles. Each is accompanied by a gallery-produced catalog in an edition of one hundred.

I believe the last show will be a "closing party" touching on the various exhibitions of the two year period.

Images of their exhibitions will be up soon. I'm still working on the web site!

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Published on July 16, 2004 2:08 PM.

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