Nice way to celebrate the 4th

Apparently it has become illegal to wear an anti-Bush t-shirt in a public place if he is nearby.

Story via Atrios:

"Our immediate task in battle fronts like Iraq and Afghanistan (news - web sites) and elsewhere is to capture or kill the terrorists ... so we do not have to face them here at home," Bush told a cheering crowd outside the West Virginia Capitol. An enthusiastic audience estimated by state capitol police at 6,500 people waving American flags chanted, "Four more years."

Regarding Saddam, the deposed Iraqi president, Bush said: "Because we acted, the dictator, the brutal tyrant, is sitting in a prison cell."

Two Bush opponents, taken out of the crowd in restraints by police, said they were told they couldn't be there because they were wearing shirts that said they opposed the president.

Restraints? They handcuffed them?

Seriously! They were handicuffed for ONLY having a anti-bush t-shirt.

- Dana

A bit off topic i know.
This is a front cover of a popular magazine in the u.k. I just thought you might want to see it.

I like your website. Peace.

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Published on July 5, 2004 1:15 PM.

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