Oh, Canada

Looking at the map, it looks pretty easy for the good people to join Canada. I think we should secede, now that the majority of Americans have voted for the

  • pro-torture
  • prevent blacks from voting
  • trust in God to tell us what to do
  • pro-war
  • anti-gay
  • anti-abortion


Isn't it interesting that it's mainly the more highly-educated states that voted for Kerry?

I think the gay marriage thing is what put them over the top. Way to move in the opposite direction of every other democracy, America.


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anti-gay from seanbonner on November 3, 2004 7:49 PM

James and Barry have some thoughts on this. In 2000 I was outraged. Today I'm just deeply disappointed. I still... Read More

I think we should formally invite New Hampshire, Vermont and New York to join Canada ... why not Maine too as all these states border Canada.

P.S. Sorry to all Kerry supporters (i.e. reasonable, accepting thinkers).

Is is highly frustrating. I think its also a sad state of affairs and highly ironic that the seat of government for this country (DC) votes so overwhelmingly democratic and Bush runs around acting as if he has the broad support of the american people. 3 million votes doesnt equal a mandate for his continuing agenda.
no that is not a typo: 183,876 for kerry and 19,007 for bush.
Also I looked at the 29 red states that Bush has won and specifically at the counties where the state capitals are located. Out of those 29 he only won 16 and some of them narrowly.
A list of state capitals and their counties that went for kerry inlcude the "liberal" enclaves in Virginia, Ohio, Indiana, Tennessee, Arkansas, South Carolina, Texas, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, Florida, North Carolina, and Colorado.

Good idea. I see that someone has already drawn up a plan:


Thanks for the invite but someone's got to stay here and cleanup the mess

You could almost say that being closer to Canada makes you smarter if it wasn't for Idaho, Montana, North Dakota. Even Minnesota seems to be getting dumber by the minute.

Hey, you know, you're not the only one to suggest this. Betty Bowers is selling a "Secede Now Blue State" t-shirt, and at Irregular Times, they've written an article examining the pros and cons. It's at:


and it's worth a look. Has anyone started a petition?

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