Rueben Cox at Bespoke Gallery


Rueben Cox, Scaly Mountain, NC, 2004, C-print

Thank goodness for Roberta Smith. I probably would not have heard of this show without her review in today's New York Times. My favorite part (which refers to the image above):

Exhibit A is the flame-haired belle in the flowered dress, pastel boa and extravagantly painted lips who has flung herself across a patch of green cow pasture as if it were the seamless paper in Richard Avedon's studio. A half dozen oblivious cows grace the horizon.

Rueben Cox photographed drag and transgendered subjects in New York, New Orleans, Memphis, and Nashville in 2004. I have to try to get there before it closes on Saturday. It's on 17th Street in the space once occupied by Rupert Goldsworthy Marcus Ritter.

[Image from the gallery's web site]

After seeing Reuben Cox's second show at the Bespoke Gallery (it turns out they moved to a new space.. the same building as aperture), I found his website.
Incredible work !
here it is if anyone is as interested.

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Published on January 27, 2005 10:51 PM.

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