Another PS1 sketch, slow art week

Come on people! We only have two images in the gallery of PS1 Greater New York artist sketches so far, now that I just added Tom Moody's entry.

Let's get some more up there! You can email images or links to James or me.

It's a rather slow art week, but we're going to an opening tonight in the East Village of a 2-person show that includes our friend Derick Melander. He curated an awesome group show in DUMBO last summer, which is how we met him.

derick melander wedge

Derick Melander, Wedge

His description:

One of my new works is called Wedge. It is made from ordinary folded clothing that cascades from the wall to the floor. The clothing is arranged so that the actual brands embroidered on the clothing tags are displayed one below the next. As you read the tags, they spell out the following "Brand Poem":

No Boundaries | 2 | Ecko | 2 | Discus | s

So... | U | And I | Underscore | A Line | Barely There

U | Breakaway | Access

And I | Report | Zero Exposure

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Published on August 19, 2005 2:25 PM.

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