Cristobal Dam, "Paint Box"



from the series Paint Box, 2005
Oil and varnish on canvas


Installation shot

Last Sunday we saw these great paintings by Cristobal Dam (or Cris as he is generally known) at Dam, Sthultrager. Due to the layering of oil and varnish, they are quite shiny, which is hard to convey in photos. That, plus the way they are framed, makes them feel like lovely enameled objects.

Yes, the name of the gallery includes his name. He and Leah Stuhltrager run this exciting and eclectic Williamsburg gallery, but this is no vanity exhibition. Artist and fan-run galleries are getting rarer, even in Williamsburg. Go by and see these wonderful paintings for yourself.

[images provided by the gallery]

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Published on August 4, 2005 3:36 PM.

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