Headed to Berlin


This isn't precisely why we're headed to Berlin, but it is indicative of a free-wheeling artistic culture that we find attractive.

While it's not unusual for critics to suggest the imbibing of illicit substances to make atrocious artistic performances and events more bearable, it is less usual for the producers of a theatrical piece to promote drug use in a bid to enhance the audience's enjoyment of their show.

But this is exactly what the artistic director of the Neuk├Âllner Opera House in Berlin is doing. Bernhard Glocksin is encouraging members of the audience to smoke joints while taking in performances of "La Princesse Jaune (The Oriental Princess)", the one-act druggy opera by Camille Saint-Saens.

-- Taking High Culture Literally, Deutsche Welle

Yes, I am aware that the literal title is "The Yellow Princess." The production's subtitle appears to be "Or, in the cat skin of the Manga Queen."

[image from the Neuk├Âllner Oper]

Have a great time! Make sure and save room at the American enclave for us!

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Published on August 26, 2005 3:05 PM.

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