Village Independent Democrats endorse Hilary's primary rival

jonathan tasini

The Villager has an article on the endorsement of Jonathan Tasini, who is running against Hilary Clinton for the Democratic nomination for New York Senator. I bolded one of the things of interest in the paragraph below.

Turned off by Hillary Clinton's position on the Iraq war, plus the recent news that archconservative media mogul Rupert Murdoch will be hosting a fundraiser for her, the Village Independent Democrats last week threw their support behind one of Clinton’s rivals, Jonathan Tasini, in the September Democratic primary.

The New York GOP is in such disarray that they are unlikely to field a viable candidate. Now is a good time to let her know we don't like her support of the Iraq War and the PATRIOT ACT, or her views on gay marriage. She is also starting to move rightward on abortion.

Related: Joseph Lieberman is probably more vulnerable that Hilary Clinton to getting kicked out in the primary.

[image from Jonathan Tasini's website]

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Published on May 19, 2006 12:12 PM.

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