James Hyde at Mehr (Midtown) Gallery


Dark (Davis), 2006
Acrylic and paper on digital print
24 × 27 inches

I really love James Hyde's work. You really can't tell, without standing up close to this and looking at it from different angles, which part is painted and which is part of the digital print. The "(Davis)" in the title refers to Stuart Davis.

This is one of a couple of works by James Hyde in The Thaw, the second exhibition at Lital Mehr's new gallery on 18th Street.

This abstract work communicates with the viewer but in a visual manner through the aesthetic level of non-figuration.
Thank you for sharing this with us.

I too really get James Hyde's work - check out his website jameshyde.com for more work; akthough how updated it is remains unclear. I've contacted his gallery to see if I can get a piece of his for a show I'm putting together.

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Published on November 30, 2006 10:09 AM.

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