NY Art Book Fair

We attended the preview tonight of the NY Art Book Fair and had a great time. I nearly ran out of money as I ran around buying books. It runs through Sunday and is free for the rest of the weekend. Don't miss the upstairs, which is the more "alternative" part with Friendly Fire, described as "a curated selection of independent publishing by artists." It includes LTTR, Retard Riot, Cinders, Kate Glicksberg / Ridykeulous, and much more. It was near these that we saw j. morrison's area with manpurses screened while you waited -- viewer participation encouraged.

j. morrison at NY Art Book Fair

Afterwards we trudged home through the heavy rain, ate some pizza, and watched MTAA's DC 9/11 - The Evildoers' Remix. We got it via a donation to Turbulence.

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Published on November 17, 2006 1:23 AM.

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