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Like a lot of busy tech types, I use RSS feeds to keep up with a lot of sites. What's RSS you ask? FeedBurner has a good explanation. Basically they are feeds published by a website that can be read by an external website or program. I use feeds to keep up with blogs and news sites so that I see when they have new items without having to actually visit the 100 different websites I'm tracking. My favorite applications for tracking RSS feeds are

My webhosting service for artists and galleries, ArtCat, automatically generates RSS feeds for my clients so that it's easy for me to see when galleries have news or have added exhibitions, or when artists have new works and news items. Until ArtCat, I had never seen a gallery other than sixspace with a feed. It appears that sites running the exhibit-E software now are capable of generating RSS feeds if they wish. I first noticed this when visiting the Gagosian site to look at information on the Warhol shows.

I would like to think that ArtCat and ArtCal (which has several feeds) helped start this trend, but I doubt anyone's likely to say so out loud.

While we're on the subject of websites, what's the deal with big name galleries that don't have websites? I know they want to keep things "personal" for their collectors, but it really interferes with the ability of the less fortunate to get information on their artists and exhibitions. Marianne Boesky Gallery has a new building, but no website at the moment? Cohan and Leslie has taken down their old site and now there is just a placeholder. It's amazing to me that galleries don't work on a site at a temporary URL while keeping their old site up. It's not that hard. When galleries move their sites to ArtCat, they work on a temporary site until they have brought enough information over to launch. We don't relaunch with a blank site that says "coming soon."

Artcat rocks!! My website is too sexy for my art! How is voting up there? I voted early so not sure yet how the polling places are looking in..(gasp)..Florida.

James and I just voted. Not too busy right now, but most people vote after work in NYC.

OMG! 600,000 Floridians voted for Katherine Harris!! I am so ashamed! At least she lost!

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Published on November 7, 2006 11:20 AM.

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