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My MacBook is still in the shop, so here is a quick post of my favorite things from last Saturday. The first two are now "top picks" on ArtCal.


Christopher Lowry Johnson at Winkleman Gallery. Hard to show via JPEGs, these are beautiful subtle paintings. We've been fans for a long time, having bought a painting by Christopher from the very first show at Plus Ultra. This is the final week, so run over there!


Donna Huanca

Donna Huanca, Che Guevara's Family, 2006, fabric, 82 × 57.5 inches

Donna Huanca at Susan Inglett Gallery. We first saw her work at the "Manic and Wasted" show curated by at LMCC's Swing Space. I will probably add some photos to my Flickr feed once I have my MacBook back, as there are some great sculptures/installations too. The show also includes a sound installation.


Julie Evans

Julie Evans, Perch, 2006

Julie Evans at Julie Saul Gallery. Gorgeous paintings influenced by Indian miniature painting. I met her via Edward Winkleman, who has a big post on her work.


Lisa Sanditz

Lisa Sanditz, Pearl Farm II, 2007, acrylic on canvas, 70 X 90 inches

"Endangered Wasteland" at CRG Gallery. Lots of big paintings hovering between abstraction and landscapes. I especially liked the paintings of Lisa Sanditz.


Jae Hi Ahn

Jae Hi Ahn at Phoenix Gallery. Jae Hi is pushing the limits of what one can do with found plastic objects. We have one lovely example hanging on wall here at the Hoggard/Wagner Collection.

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