Funny ArtCal ideas

Bryan Zanisnik, Colby Chamberlain, and I discussed some radical ideas for ArtCal at the opening at NURTUREart on Friday night. Some possibilities:

  • Community ratings of the drinks served at openings, including how long before they typically run out of the good stuff
  • A podcast, with press releases read out loud, and recommendations from guest editors

For the press release podcasts, we should get James Earl Jones or William Defoe to do the readings.

I think both are fantastic ideas. I think the art opening is a phenomena that is essential to the art world experience, yet so often they have nothing to do with the art on the walls at all. These events are fun, but also absurd, fascinating and often hilarious. Any coverage of the spectacle of the art opening is fantastic in my book.

Reading press releases is also a great idea. It's helpful in a practical sense, but also could bring some humor to a gallery procedure that is often so dreadfully serious.

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Published on September 18, 2007 10:47 AM.

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